About Us

In 1969 after returning from Viet Nam and being honorably discharged from the United States Army, Mike Chandler embarked on a career in the construction industry.


Forty years later, Mike has traveled thousands of miles from New York to Miami and built hundreds of projects from healthcare facilities to industrial manufacturing, retail building to office building, university libraries to five star hotels. Now Mike has decided to return home to Charlotte, North Carolina. This move will narrow his focus both from a geographical and project standpoint.


With this narrowed focus, Mike has created Arthur Building Corporation.


Arthur Building Corporation is founded on the values and principles of hard work, honesty, integrity and fairness, and many lessons learned throughout the years.


With these values and principles in mind, it is the goal of Arthur Building Corporation to provide each client with the best value for his dollar, a project of high quality, completed in a timely manner and an incident and injury free environment.


With a narrowed focus in place, Arthur Building Corporation will compete in the marketplace for interior renovations, up-fits and build-outs of office, retail, healthcare and manufacturing facilities in the six county area surrounding Charlotte, North Carolina.